Autism Enabling Masterplan

Towards a Better Life for
Persons on the Autism Spectrum in Singapore

About the Masterplan

The Autism Enabling Masterplan provides a directional roadmap to guide the work of Singapore’s key autism service providers in empowering and enabling persons on the autism spectrum to realise their full potential and live quality lives. This Autism Enabling Masterplan is the culmination of a long and extensive series of consultations with persons on the spectrum, their caregivers, social service agencies, and government organisations.

Autism Enabling Plan Report

With the support and action of all stakeholders within the autism community, the implementation of the 14 recommendations in 6 High Priority Areas will lead to an improvement in the quality of life for all persons on the spectrum living in Singapore.

6 High Priority Areas Key Issues Faced by Persons on the Autism Spectrum in Singapore
that Require the Community’s Strategic Focus

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Proposed By
Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
Supported By
Autism Network Singapore
Members of ANS

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