1. Prepare all students on the spectrum for independent living and work from an early age.
  2. Improve the education and support that students on the spectrum receive in all educational settings.
  3. Establish an “Autism Learning Academy” to identify learning needs and to source, develop and deliver learning solutions for persons on the spectrum.
  4. Set up a Skills Council taskforce for sustainable employment, especially in the future economy.

A more deliberate and strategic management of the learning and development of all persons on the spectrum throughout their lifespans is critical. This will not only prepare them for work and living, but also maximise their potential in life. During school years, the curriculum for persons on the spectrum must comprise a good balance of academic, vocational and life skills. Education provisions must be appropriate for all students on the spectrum regardless of their educational settings. Moreover, after leaving school, there must be plenty of opportunities for adults on the spectrum to continue learning, otherwise they would be left behind in this rapidly evolving digital age. It is hoped that these recommendations will be effective in addressing the issue of lifelong learning for those on the spectrum.

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