The Recommendations

Among the numerous suggestions put forth by participants, 14 were selected to address the identified High Priority Areas, with the ultimate goal being the improvement of the quality of life of persons on the autism spectrum in Singapore.


High Priority Area Recommendations
Quality Assurance for Autism Services A.1. Establish quality standards for all key autism services and programmes across a person’s lifespan.
A.2. Develop quality training programmes for caregivers and autism professionals.
Planning for Life B.1. Equip key stakeholders to implement lifelong and person-centred case management for persons on the spectrum.
Learn for Life C.1. Prepare all students on the spectrum for independent living and work from an early age.
C.2. Improve the education and support that students on the spectrum receive in all educational settings.
C.3. Establish an “Autism Learning Academy” to identify learning needs and to source, develop and deliver learning solutions.
C.4. Set up a Skills Council taskforce for sustainable employment, especially in the future economy.
Work Continuum D.1. Develop a toolkit of best practices for hiring and supporting adults on the spectrum in the workplace.
D.2. Encourage public and private organisations to pledge commitment to a voluntary quota for special needs hire.
D.3. Build a continuum of solutions for adults on the spectrum who are unable to work for pay.
Living E.1. Develop a plan to bring a continuum of sustainable and integrated residential living options for adults on the spectrum.
Planning for Life
(After Death)
F.1. Design a comprehensive guide or “playbook” to support planning for “Life After Death” of caregivers.
F.2. Establish a Sibling Support Network dedicated to supporting the siblings of persons on the spectrum.
F.3. Increase community access for persons on the spectrum and their families.

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